CE Mark

BS EN 1090-2:2008+A1:2011 Exc Class 2

CE Marking demonstrates compliance with the appropriate standard for a product. From 1st July 2014, new legal obligations were placed on manufacturers who fabricate structural steelwork.

BS EN 1090 is the harmonised standard which covers fabricated structural steelwork. At Lomas, we have heavily invested in personnel and quality control systems to ensure we maintain our certification year on year.

Our Factory Production Control (FPC) system and Welding Procedure Specifications are audited and assessed annually by SCCS (Steel Construction Certification Scheme Ltd). SCCS is a Notified Body (number 2273) in terms of the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU.

Steelwork has been divided into four categories for certification and a steelwork contractor may not produce steel in a higher category than it is certified. The categories are:

  • Execution Class 1 – Farm Buildings
  • Execution Class 2 – Buildings
  • Execution Class 3 – Bridges
  • Execution Class 4 – Special structures (e.g. Power Stations)

Lomas Steel Structures Ltd have been accredited to Execution Class 2.

Should a higher level of certification be required within the scope of a project, we would actively look to increase our certification accordingly.

Ce Mark